Jungmaven - Everyone In A Hemp Tee By 2020

Jungmaven Baja SS Pocket 7oz Print T-Shirt Golden Rod Yellow

"Everyone in a hemp tee by 2020" is the campaign and motto of Los Angeles based ethical clothing brand Jungmaven. The brand was inspired by owner and environmentalist Robert Jungmann, who has been working with hemp since the early 90s while he was experimenting with small scale clothing production in Costa Rica in 2005, involving natural dyes, batik, tie-dye and hand painting shirts, all of which take time and patience, and are less common in modern-day apparel manufacturing.

Hemp material dates back as far as 8000 BCE. America was founded on it, both Presidents Washington and Jefferson grew it, the Declaration of Independence was written on it and the first American Flag was sewn with it. 

Hemp is a natural resource that can grow in most climates, and is beneficial to the conditions as it cleans oxygen, water and helps nourish the land. Hemp uses very little to no pesticides or insecticides and needs a fraction of the water that cotton takes to grow.

Unfortunately growing hemp on an industrial scale is illegal in most parts of the world. Jungmaven source their hemp from China, currently the largest producer of industrial hemp. 

Products are made in America with 55 per cent hemp, blended with organic cotton to help give the garments a subtle, soft texture. In order to cut back on waste, Jungmaven do not use branded labels, and distributes products with no packaging or plastics.

Everyone in a hemp tee by 2020!