Samurai 17th Anniversary Edition Jean


The Samurai S8000og 17oz celebrates the brand's 17th anniversary and as such have numerous unique details both distinctive to this model and some that are prevalent throughout the Samurai range.

For the cotton Samurai have chosen their organic cotton, grown for 3 years without chemical pesticides or fertilisers which is stringently checked by the brand then dyed with pure indigo.

The selvedge line has been woven with a red sashiko thread as a tribute to early era jeans, a theme that runs throughout the jean. The copper rivets design comes from the hand guard of a samurai's sword, a design named "bamboo drum" that is embossed with the words "samurai" and the buddhist term for "impermanence" on the inside. These rivets are used throughout the jean including a rivet on the crotch and on the cinch.

Buttons on the fly feature their steel pine tree design, the cinch hardware is steel forged in their home town of Osaka and they have left a chain-stitch runoff on the waistband. The back pocket is a lot more of a square shape than their other models and has exposed rivets on the top corners, another nod to early work wear jeans, plus is half lined with the same textured fabric they use in their pockets which are screen printed with the samurai logo.

These jeans truly are a work of art and they are available in limited stock in-store!