Outfit 001

Stevenson Overall Heartland Jacket: 11oz duck canvas from Kuroki Mill in which the yarns have been dyed in such a manner that it allows for the wearer to achieve an individual and unique patina. It is unique in the way that it one panel construction and has no side seams and unique pocket details which make it really stand out.

Stevenson Overall Workmaster Chambray - unique selvedge detailing and chin strap based upon an early 1930's chambray.

Merz b. Schwanen offer a great selection of sweatshirts in a variety of colours and different weights constructed on original 1920's machines thus producing a high quality sweatshirt arching back to the good old days. Made in Germany.

Full Count - Woven on the original shuttle looms Levi's used in the 1960's, Full Count are a store favourite at Son of a Stag. They produce a number of different fits, catering for each individual in two different fabrics. Pictured are a pair of 0105 13.75 oz which have been worn for 3 years.

Wolverine 744 LTD - Only 1000 of these boots were made worldwide making them a truly desirable collectors item. Based on an original 1920's design Wolverine use brown shell cordovan leather. Each pair is individually numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity. Simply stunning.