Outfit 005

Heller's Cafe 1930's Duck Print Field Jacket: Driven by a philosophy for quality and honesty, there is an impressive collection of vintage workwear to be inspired from in the Heller's Vintage archive. This particular jacket was originally designed with a wabash cloth but Heller's have reproduced it using a woven patterned duck cloth. It is a reasonably simple design from the outset, however, it does feature a corduroy collar and original cuff adjustment button specification most commonly found in the 30's and 40's. 

Warehouse Dubbleworks Kill Kare Sweat: One of the finest brands out there reproducing classic 40's and 50's sportswear sweats, Dubbleworks (produced by Warehouse) produce a number of fantastic looking sweats with some great looking prints.

Gorouta 0208 Denim chambray: A relatively new brand for us, Gorouta excel in producing well constructed pieces of clothing, inspired from military and naval clothing. The denim chambray comes in two different options with slightly different collar combinations and pocket construction.

Eternal 811: 14.75 oz One Wash Japanese Selvedge Denim. We offer three fits from Eternal, all of which have been given one wash. The jeans are machine washed and are then hung outdoors to dry in direct sunlight. This particular method of drying is referred to as 'non-agitated' drying and allows for the fabric of the jean to maintain a crisp and rigid feel. 

Workers Fishing Pouch: A design from an original piece of kit typically used for fisherman to carry their essential tools. A well constructed piece from heavy duty canvas is great for carrying around your daily essentials. 

Buzz Rickson Watch Cap: An essential in this cold, cold month! 

Wolverine 1000 Mile: Constructed from Horween/CXL leather; the boot is based on original Wolverine archival pieces form the 1920's. Complete with Goodyear Welt construction and quick release pull ups. Made in USA.