Outfit 006


Eternal 884 Jeans: 14.75 oz One Wash Japanese Selvedge Denim. We offer three fits from Eternal, all of which have been given one wash. The jeans are machine washed and are then hung outdoors to dry in direct sunlight. This particular method of drying is referred to as 'non-agitated' drying and allows for the fabric of the jean to maintain a crisp and rigid feel. 

Jelado 60's Style Thinsulate Jacket: The Jelado 'Combat Togs' style quilted jacket features a jacquard rib that has been reproduced from original 1960's spec and has been knitted in a block tone, using a 66 Nylon fabric. The jacket also features high performance Thinsulate fabric providing thermal insulation. As per the original specs of this particular style, Jelado have reproduced it to an extremely high standard. 

Warehouse 3094 Cotton Blanket Shirt Mustard: Based from a C.P.O shirt with similar style details, Warehouse have produced this in a fantastic cotton blanket material. Incredibly soft to the touch; you really need to feel this in your hands!

Warehouse 403 Central Regional Sweat: Another classic produced from Warehouse. Double V construction and loopwheel; each letter is stenciled and stitched by hand. We have a number of varying styles in the same construction. 

Warehouse Sneakers Ivory: Warehouse have sought to reproduce the classic American sneaker - low cut, constructed from an original canvas and vulcanised sole. Available in Navy, Ivory and Camo. Made in Japan. 

Pherrow's Cotton Pattern Socks Navy: A classic pattern styled knit. 100 % cotton and all made in Japan.