Outfit 008

TCB Crawling Pants Olive: Inspired the classic 1940's US Marine Corps (USMC) issued pant. These feature two large cargo pockets and a large pocket across the back. They were originally designed for holding items such as grenades and even a gas mask in the rear pocket. They are constructed from a beautiful herringbone twill and feature US Marine Corps embellished buttons.

Eastman Leather 27752 Contract A-2 Jacket Seal Brown: This particular A-2 is based on the Rough Wear Contract from Middletown Pennsylvania. Rough wear were one of the most prolific Wartime contractors of pilot jackets. It is 100% vegetable tanned Italian horsehide and features a replica M-52 Talon zipper, and tubular knit cuffs and waistband. A classic piece that gets better with wear. Made in England. 

Full Count 4811-15 Chambray Shirt Blue: A classic naval chambray. The shirt features triple stitching throughout and a chain stitch run off. 

Rolling Dub Trio Coupen Boots Black: The Coupen shoe is a very hard to find offering from this cult Japanese footwear brand, we're pleased to bring it to Europe. Made with Horween leather and deadstock Cat's Paw soles, the level of detail is topped with a Rolling Dub Trio branded toe-tap. All made in Japan and available in black and brown. 

Buzz Rickson's William Gibson Type A-4 Cap Black: Another great piece from the ongoing Rickson's and Gibson collaboration, knitted from the highest grade of worsted wool and made in Japan.

Pherrow's Comfy Sox: One thing the staff here at Son of a Stag can all agree on is that these are the most comfortable socks any of us have ever worn. 100% cotton, in a range of colours and made in Japan.