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Buzz Rickson's U.S.N. Pea Coat (Navy)


It is said that the prototype of "Pea Coat" was already existing in the 18th century. The term Pea Coat originated from the Dutch word "pijjekker" in which "pij" is referred to the type of cloth and "jekker" referred to the jacket. This jacket was issued to a petty officer in the 1910s. The Pea Coat from the 1910s is fabricated from heavy melton wool, featured Bakelite buttons displaying an anchor surrounded by 13 stars; the 13 stars were derived from the original 13 states when the United States became an independent nation and broke its ties with England in 1776. The precise adoption date of the Pea Coat by the U.S. Navy is unknown, but it was already is part of a dress code for a petty officer during WW2. The large-sized collar of the coat was designed to block strong ocean winds. Also, the slit pockets are vertically located as a hand warmer pocket. Due to its slow productivity and high cost, lightweight fabrics were more commonly used and 13 star buttons were abolished after the 1930s.

  • Material, 36 oz Melton Wool
  • Lining, Rayon Sateen
  • Button, Mil Specs Urea (13 Star and Anchor Motif, early type)
  • Label, Naval Clothing Factory
  • Product Code: BR11554
  • Made in Japan

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