Buzz Rickson's

Buzz Rickson's Type N-1 Deck Jacket (Khaki)


During WW2 and the Korean War, the N-1 jacket became a standard issue for the crew of U.S. Naval Vessels including a pair of trousers which was produced in the same material. Similar to other Deck Jackets, fine cotton grosgrain, Jungle Cloth was used for the outer shell and lined with Alpaca Mohair-Wool pile to ensure wind resistance and thermal protection. The first navy blue colour was standardised in 1944 and then the khaki model was issued in 1945. However, there were some changes in the later model other than just the colour modification. The Khaki version did not have Alpaca-Mohair and the lining of the Armpit and the bottom code were simplified. Also, the eyelets for the bottom code got bigger and the eyelet under the armpit was relocated.

  • Material, Jungle Cloth
  • Lining, Aplaca Wool
  • Fastener, Mil Spec Brass
  • Button, Mil Spec Urea
  • Label, Navy Department
  • Made in Japan
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